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GG Fences is dedicated to simplifying your purchase of a quality fence for your home or business.

Whether you are a homeowner contemplating your first fence purchase or a seasoned fence installer, GG Fences is here to make the buying process as pleasant and easy as possible.

We sell the critically acclaimed Specrail brand of alumimum fences, which comes with a lifetime warranty. You can be assured of getting a quality fence that will look beautiful, and provide a lifetime of practical use.

The GG Fences website is designed to guide you through the purchasing process. Simply follow the directions from one page to another and you will be gently guided through the purchase of your new fence.

If you are confused about anything, you can either call us or send an email to us. Our email address is located at the bottom of each page. We are here to help you, so don't hesitate to contact us.

Perhaps the most difficult choice you will have to make is to decide upon the basic style of fence. We offer eight basic styles as shown by the graphic depictions below. There are two buttons next to each graphic - one allowing you to view photos of that particular style and another button that starts the purchase process for that style. Many of the photos will show the miscellaneous options that are available. (You can also acccess each style's photos directly by the pull down menu.)

Thanks for visiting GG Fences. If you need any assistance, please don't hesitate to call us!


Embracing a traditional fence style, the Bennington fence style features an accent of spear points across the top.

This is the most popular style we sell!


The Berkshire style recreates elegant tradition but comes with staggered spear point picket tops.


The simplicity of this basic two rails smooth top with enclosed pickets is ideal for pool applications and is also excellent for balconies and decks.


With its classic smooth rail top and traditional spear points below, the Essex is designed to meet the most demanding aesthetic needs.


With every other picket thrusting a spear point through the top rail and with 1.5″ picket spacing, Falcon was created to make the vision of your landscape soar!


This Horizon has a view in mind with its classic design, smooth rail top, and picket fencing of 1.5″ between pickets, it creates a view built for harmony with the landscape.


This classic design with smooth rail top reflects the mood of a late spring evening.


The height of simplicity, this fence with smooth top rail has been modified so that the pickets do not extend through the bottom rail.